A great deal has been published about low carb diets recently. From being a fad, to being endorsed and celebrated by celebrities and everything in between. Why is it so controversial? It is controversial because as with most fast track fad diets it focusses on rapid weight loss. Rapid weight loss is never the key to a happy relationship with food or your body. If we focus too much on what we should not eat and measure our success on the celebrities promoting these diets it will only ever be a short-term solution and disappointment looming around the corner. What can be done? To beginRead More →

Many people around the country and around the world need to lose weight. For most, exercise and diet are the two main factors for losing weight. Once you have your exercise routine set, you will then need to work on the quality of your diet. If you use a high protein, low carb diet plan, you can significantly lose the weight and fast. What A High Protein, Low Carb Diet Can Do For You A high protein, low carb diet can work for your body in a few important ways. First of all, it is important to learn exactly how this type of diet works.Read More →

Losing weight can be hard, especially if you have been dealing with this issue for your whole life. Anyone who is trying to lose weight should go on a low carb diet. There are many benefits offered by a low carb diet, but namely it will help you burn fat and gain muscle quicker than any other diet. Not only that, but as well you can make it a long-term thing, rather than only for a week or two as is with other diets. The first step to starting a low carb diet plan is learning what foods to avoid on low carb diet. ThisRead More →

When you hear the term low carb high fiber foods, you probably picture carrot sticks, rice cakes and anything else that doesn’t sound the least bit appetizing. That’s just not true, however, as you can find many good, and delicious, food choices when it comes to eating low carb high fiber foods. Think of it more in terms of a high protein low carb diet, with more vegetables, meat, and good carbs, which you’ll eat in lower quantities. There are many places to get menu options when it comes to eating low carb high fiber foods, you just have to know where to look. OnlineRead More →

When you make a conscious decision to eat low carb meal recipes, you have to know what and when to eat. Eating smaller meals more often is the way to go. That means eating five to six small meals per day. These meals should all be made with low carb meal recipes. The best way to go about this is to compile a list of as many low carb meal recipes as you can. You can buy a low carb recipe book, you can look them up online or you can use your knowledge of low carb eating to make your own. Use these forRead More →

You might think that you’ll never find good low carb choices when eating out. After all, most of the menu items in restaurants are laden with fat and sodium and sugar; they’re not the low carb high fiber foods you’re looking to eat so that you can lose weight. However, times are changing. That’s right, restaurant companies and owners are listening to the needs of their customers by making low carb diet menu plans. You can now open menus in most restaurants and find low carb diet menu plans such as chicken breast plates, delicious salads, steak and much more. That means you can stillRead More →