Restaurants Going to a restaurant and keeping it low carb can be quite daunting initially. 1) You don’t want to look picky 2) You might give in to temptation 3) What if they don’t have anything you like? What to eat Depending on the Restaurant of course, you will have to be very unlucky if they don’t have grilled meats (chicken, steak) or fish. Add a salad or greens to it and you have a meal. Go to the restaurant’s website, most have their menus out there for you to see. You could even call them. Some restaurants now have a special menu showing vegetarian,Read More →

You might think that you’ll never find good low carb choices when eating out. After all, most of the menu items in restaurants are laden with fat and sodium and sugar; they’re not the low carb high fiber foods you’re looking to eat so that you can lose weight. However, times are changing. That’s right, restaurant companies and owners are listening to the needs of their customers by making low carb diet menu plans. You can now open menus in most restaurants and find low carb diet menu plans such as chicken breast plates, delicious salads, steak and much more. That means you can stillRead More →