It happens every time you plan on changing your eating habits; your friends invite you out to eat. You don’t want to say no because you do really want to go but you also want to stay on your low carb diet. You have all of your low carb dinner recipes planned that you’re going to cook yourself. If you go out to eat, all your efforts will go right out the window the moment you take even one bite of whatever fattening food is on the menu. Right? Wrong. Many restaurants these days have low carb diet menus to help people such as yourselfRead More →

A low carb vegetarian diet might be just what you are looking for if you need to lose weight. Many of the popular low carb diets out there involve eating unhealthy amounts of fat and cholesterol. While a well balanced low carb vegetarian diet may seem difficult to get used to over time you will be in much better shape if you alter your eating habits and you will look and feel better to boot. Ease Into A Low Carb Vegetarian Diet Try to eat lean meats only once per day, then only once per week and then once per month until you no longerRead More →

Nearly everyone is looking to lose weight nowadays. And it’s no surprise since our serving sizes are getting bigger and bigger, our food is getting more fattening and sodium and sugar laden, and we are just becoming a society of gluttonous, unhealthy eaters. We love our food and our food loves us; it loves to make us fat. Some of us have tried to lose weight by eating low carb diet meals. In fact, low carb diet meals are becoming so popular that nearly every restaurant has low carb diet menus, you’ll see foods marketed as low carb in the grocery store and there countlessRead More →

Most anything can be found online nowadays. You can find recipes for your favorite foods, workout plans and even low carb meal plans. Low carb meal plans are very popular nowadays as they’ve helped many people shed unwanted pounds. Some of these low carb meal plans you have to pay for and then there are the free low carb diet plans that are posted on many forums and other fitness sites. These are great ways to bring variety into your life as far as food choices go so that you can lose weight without getting bored, which happens to many people very quickly. Fitness SitesRead More →

With the popularity of such diets as The Atkins Diet and The South Beach Diet, following a low carb diet plan is how most people think losing weight is achieved. However, following a low carb diet plan is not as easy as you think. Carbs are not the enemy. Carbs do not make you fat. Consuming more calories than you burn is what makes fat accumulate all over your body. However, following a low carb diet plan may work for you, it might not, but it’s more like a temporary solution to a permanent problem. Carbohydrates Your body uses carbs for energy. When you followRead More →

When you hear the term low carb high fiber foods, you probably picture carrot sticks, rice cakes and anything else that doesn’t sound the least bit appetizing. That’s just not true, however, as you can find many good, and delicious, food choices when it comes to eating low carb high fiber foods. Think of it more in terms of a high protein low carb diet, with more vegetables, meat, and good carbs, which you’ll eat in lower quantities. There are many places to get menu options when it comes to eating low carb high fiber foods, you just have to know where to look. OnlineRead More →

When you make a conscious decision to eat low carb meal recipes, you have to know what and when to eat. Eating smaller meals more often is the way to go. That means eating five to six small meals per day. These meals should all be made with low carb meal recipes. The best way to go about this is to compile a list of as many low carb meal recipes as you can. You can buy a low carb recipe book, you can look them up online or you can use your knowledge of low carb eating to make your own. Use these forRead More →

You’ve decided that you’re finally going to eat healthy. You don’t know if you want to follow a high protein low carb diet or a low carb vegetarian diet, you just know that there should be low carb included in whatever meal plan you choose. That’s a good idea as the fewer carbs you eat, the more your body will use your fat stores for energy. For breakfast, you can eat things like egg whites with turkey sausage and maybe a slice of whole wheat toast. For dinner, you should eat mostly protein, or vegetables if you’re following a low carb vegetarian diet. For yourRead More →

You’ve set your sights on a low carb diet meal plan but your friends have just invited you to go out to dinner. What are you going to do? Surely you’re not going to be able to find foods that fit within your low carb diet meal plan at a restaurant, can you? Of course you can. The internet is loaded with low carb diet menu plans that you can use to make good choices even when eating out. By learning about the content of the foods on the menus, and by making good food choices by researching the low carb diet menu plans, youRead More →

If you want to burn fat fast, one of the best diets you can go on is a low carb diet. One of the best things about this type of diet is that it can be a long-term diet, rather than the weeklong or other temporary crash diets that are out there. There are some fantastic foods to eat on a low carb diet, and you just have to know which ones and how to prepare them properly. The Basics Of Low Carb Eating If you are wondering what foods to eat on low carb diets, here are the basics. All meats are allowed exceptRead More →