Before you begin to change anything about your food lifestyle, please make sure you consult with your health professional. It is a good idea to go and have a health check to make sure all is well. Low Carb Diet Expert (LCDE) can guide and support you towards a healthier and permanent food lifestyle. You will be able to get the most out of it by knowing the state of your health. If in doubt, ask your doctor. Is this an other diet? No, is the short answer. Although dieting has become rather fashionable and there are very few people who have not tried oneRead More →

Restaurants Going to a restaurant and keeping it low carb can be quite daunting initially. 1) You don’t want to look picky 2) You might give in to temptation 3) What if they don’t have anything you like? What to eat Depending on the Restaurant of course, you will have to be very unlucky if they don’t have grilled meats (chicken, steak) or fish. Add a salad or greens to it and you have a meal. Go to the restaurant’s website, most have their menus out there for you to see. You could even call them. Some restaurants now have a special menu showing vegetarian,Read More →