First Steps

First Steps

Before you begin to change anything about your food lifestyle, please make sure you consult with your health professional. It is a good idea to go and have a health check to make sure all is well.

Low Carb Diet Expert (LCDE) can guide and support you towards a healthier and permanent food lifestyle. You will be able to get the most out of it by knowing the state of your health. If in doubt, ask your doctor.

Is this an other diet?

No, is the short answer.

Although dieting has become rather fashionable and there are very few people who have not tried one or the other diet in their lifetime.¬†Unfortunately dieting has a strange psychological effect: it makes us crave for the very thing we should not eat and replace it with something we intensely dislike. It works for a while and once we have reached our ideal goal we stop. Until it’s time to diet again.

At LCDE we don’t want you to diet or follow a regime that is out of sync with your life, no, we want to help you make a better choice when it comes to food. We want to be the one stop shop where you can find useful information about the food you are eating, (food facts), how to eat it (recipes) and how to change your food lifestyle for good. (Tips and Tricks)

No dieting required, no calorie counting, and no compromising on taste and last but not least feel full, content and satisfied. All this while at the same time giving your body what it needs and leaving out what it does not need.

We want to keep it simple, so that you can feel comfortable in your new food lifestyle. People will ask if you are on a diet, just tell them you have changed the style of your eating habits. The word diet should not even come to mind.

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