Following A Low Carb Diet Plan Is Harder Than You Think

Following A Low Carb Diet Plan Is Harder Than You Think

With the popularity of such diets as The Atkins Diet and The South Beach Diet, following a low carb diet plan is how most people think losing weight is achieved. However, following a low carb diet plan is not as easy as you think. Carbs are not the enemy. Carbs do not make you fat. Consuming more calories than you burn is what makes fat accumulate all over your body. However, following a low carb diet plan may work for you, it might not, but it’s more like a temporary solution to a permanent problem.


Your body uses carbs for energy. When you follow a low carb diet plan, and eat low carb meal plans, you are depriving your body of this much needed fuel. This can cause you to feel tired, sluggish, ornery, jittery, and it will definitely make you crave carbs like you’ve never imagined. Some people may succeed on a low carb diet plan, they may get over the symptoms of following such a low carb meal plan, but the moment they begin eating carbs again all that weight is going to come right back. Some people even gain more weight than they originally had in the first place.

Good Carbs

You should understand that there are good carbs and then there are bad carbs. Good carbs are carbs such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, and others with a low glycemic index. That means it takes longer to digest them and thus your body uses them more efficiently for energy. Foods such as white bread and white rice turn to sugar very quickly and are passed through your body quickly, thus they only cause your blood sugar to spike and may give you a boost of energy but will soon have you feeling like you’re crashing. So you don’t need to follow a low carb diet plan to lose weight, you just need to choose the right types of carbs.

To effectively lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you take in day to day. The best thing to do is to eat a breakfast loaded with good carbs, like a good wheat cereal, so that you can have plenty of energy to get through your day. Eat good carbs for lunch, and maybe even a snack. Then, be sure not to eat too many, or any, carbs after six PM. That’s when your metabolism is slowing down and those carbs are more likely to be stored as fat. Also, make sure you get some kind of exercise so that you can burn away the fat that’s troubling you so.

Some people succeed on low carb diet plans but they end up hating life in the process and it’s rarely permanent. Just make good food choices, exercise, and enjoy life and you’ll see that fat melt away in no time.

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