Restaurants and peer pressure

Restaurants and peer pressure

You might think that you’ll never find good low carb choices when eating out. After all, most of the menu items in restaurants are laden with fat and sodium and sugar; they’re not the low carb high fiber foods you’re looking to eat so that you can lose weight. However, times are changing. That’s right, restaurant companies and owners are listening to the needs of their customers by making low carb diet menu plans. You can now open menus in most restaurants and find low carb diet menu plans such as chicken breast plates, delicious salads, steak and much more. That means you can still eat out and you can still enjoy the low carb high fiber foods you’re planning to eat.

Cravings and Peer Pressure

It’s one thing to say that you’ll go to a restaurant and only choose items on the low carb diet menu plan and it’s another to actually do it. It happens all the time. You sit down, you plan on ordering from the low carb diet menu plan and then you see the picture of that delicious cheeseburger or fattening burrito that looks so, so good. You can’t give into your cravings when you’re planning on eating correctly; especially if you hope to lose weight.

You also can’t give in to peer pressure. If you eat out with friends who don’t care about eating healthy and who don’t know low carb high fiber foods help you lose weight, they’ll try to get you to put your diet on hold for a night so you can enjoy life. “Eat this and that,” they’ll say, “and eat what you want. Splurging once in a while is good for you.” While this may be true to some extent, you should reserve splurging for after you’ve already made some progress or until you’ve reached your goal. Stay with your low carb diet menu plan even amongst peer pressure and your strong cravings and you’ll feel much better about yourself in the morning.

Carry A List With You

To assist you in keeping with your low carb diet menu plan while eating out, it might help to carry around a list on a small index card in your wallet or purse to remind you of what you can eat. That way, you won’t be tempted to order something that’s not on your plan and you’ll be able to feel good about yourself even while eating out. Just remember that you’re human and everyone cheats now and again. The important thing is not to get derailed from your low carb diet menu plan even if you mess up. Just get right back on and keep going and you’ll see that you’ll be thinner in no time.

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