Serving A Great High Protein, Low Carb Meal

Serving A Great High Protein, Low Carb Meal

If you are planning a dinner party, or just want to plan a great, healthy meal for you and your family, you should try using a menu with high protein and low carb foods. That way, your family will be eating healthier and may not even realize it after you serve them some delicious food.

Planning The Meal

If you want to plan a high protein, low carb meal you will want to start with your knowledge of what carbohydrates you should restrict. A lot of the carbohydrates that need to be restricted in this type of meal are those found in white rice, crackers, pasta and jam. These foods should not be served in a high protein, low carb meal.

To start off the meal well, you should serve a large salad. Any type of salad is good to serve. You can make a spinach salad that contains all those great vegetables as well as cheese and maybe some fruit. Go light on the salad dressing or use vinaigrette in order to flavor the salad. The most important thing is that you serve the type of salad that your family and friends enjoy the most.

When you are planning the main course of your high protein, low carb meal, you will want to make sure to have some type of meat as a part of the meal. Meat such as chicken, fish, pork and beef are all high in protein and will make a great addition to any meal. The best choice for everyone would probably be a serving of fish. Salmon, tuna or any other kind of fish that your family enjoys will be great as the main course in your high protein, low carb meal. Make sure that you are eating a lean cut of any meat and that your serving is not too large. Also cook it in a healthy way such as boiling or baking. Avoid frying any foods. This will add unnecessary fats.

Serve your fish with a good serving of vegetables, such as asparagus. Steam the asparagus and flavor it with a little lemon. Also, you can serve whole grain rice with this meal. Usually rice is not present in a high protein, low carb meal but if you use portion control and use whole grain rice, you will be fine.

If you want to serve your family a great tasting, healthy dessert you can make fruit smoothies with just some skim milk, ice and fruit blended to together.

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