Starting On Your Own Low Carbohydrate Vegetarian Diet Plan

Starting On Your Own Low Carbohydrate Vegetarian Diet Plan

If you are ready to start losing weight, then a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet might be what you are looking for. There are many low carb diets out there, but for the most part these involve consuming unhealthy amounts of fat and cholesterol. While a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet seems difficult to start in the long run you will be in much better shape if you alter your eating habits and incorporate portions of the diet with your regular meals.

Substitutions And Alternatives

When looking at planning a low carb vegetarian meal you have to decide if you want to do a low carb vegan meal or not. Personally, I think a simple vegetarian meal is the healthier option. If you have never gone on a vegetarian diet before than going all the way to a vegan diet can be ultimately unhealthy.

A large component of vegetarian food is pasta and bread. Those two things are out of the low carbohydrate vegetarian diet so you will need to find foods to make up for the calories as well as add in proteins and solid nutrition. One of the best foods to eat on a vegetarian diet is tofu. Tofu is high in protein so you will hopefully lose more fat than calories. The amount of protein calories in tofu is ten times the carbohydrate calories, a very solid ratio.

You can cook tofu a number of ways in an infinite number of styles. Asian cooking and stir-frying it is probably your best option however. You can mix tofu with just about any vegetables in a stir-fry recipe that is extremely nutritious and delicious.

Aside from tofu there are many other vegetarian foods that you can try. Eggs are a great source of protein and have almost no carbohydrates. The can be high in cholesterol, but for the most part eggs in moderation are very good for you. Nuts are also a fantastic source of protein, although they can be a bit higher in fat than your other protein options and should be used sparingly on your low carbohydrate vegetarian diet.

As you can see, compared to both nuts and eggs, tofu is a better option. It has all the positives with very few of the negatives. If you have never cooked with it before, a low carbohydrate vegetarian diet is a great way to start familiarizing yourself with tofu. There are hundreds of cookbooks with recipes that you can try to bring healthy and responsible eating into your everyday life.

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