Tips & Tricks when eating out

Tips & Tricks when eating out


Going to a restaurant and keeping it low carb can be quite daunting initially.

1) You don’t want to look picky

2) You might give in to temptation

3) What if they don’t have anything you like?

What to eat

Depending on the Restaurant of course, you will have to be very unlucky if they don’t have grilled meats (chicken, steak) or fish. Add a salad or greens to it and you have a meal. Go to the restaurant’s website, most have their menus out there for you to see. You could even call them. Some restaurants now have a special menu showing vegetarian, gluten free, nut free options, just be careful a gluten free pasta dish still has the carbs!

Temptation is a hard one, especially when it comes to desserts. Try to find something on the main course menu that you rarely make yourself, something special to you and less of an every day thing. By choosing a satisfying starter and main course, you will find that dessert is not so much of an issue anymore. Desserts, unfortunately rarely come without sugars but are not forbidden if you select with care. You can add some whipped cream (unsweetened) to your coffee. How about that?

Strange but true: It works very well if you tell everyone about your new eating habits. They will be aware and even help out. But most importantly now that every one knows, you can’t possibly be seen ordering a big plate of pasta. You might get others wondering what you choose, and they might even join in….


Unfortunately, this is a hard one to stay clear of. If you are one of the few who do not touch alcohol at all then you have it easy. If you only drink occasionally, then make it special. Stick to one good glass of wine instead of three cheap ones. Give yourself a treat, but keep it low.

Visiting friends

You have this dinner invitation and this friend is a keen cook. You don’t want to appear picky etc. but giving in and making an exception is not really an option.

Offer to make something. Bring something to share that will be satisfying for you. Savoury and/or dessert. Then you are covered.

It can help on occasions to eat a little bit at home, just in case the host is a keen baker and has a pizza evening planned.






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